Using Icing sheets


Using icing sheets really is simple.

1) Remove the plastic backing

2) Using clean sharp scissors trim the topper to the desired shape and size

3) Apply (methods listed below)

If you have any difficulty removing the icing from the plastic, place it face down and try removing the plastic from the icing so the icing stays flat, this will also help to prevent any breakages. Using the tip of a sharp knife can also be useful, but in 99% of cases they simply peel off with ease.

There are many methods used to secure the topper, most people put them onto an iced cake. To do this simply brush a little water over your iced cake to make the icing tacky - do NOT get water on the topper or the water will make the image run. Place the topper onto the tacky icing and pat down with dry fingers. Leave to dry for half hour and the topper should be secured.

Other methods used include edible glue, jam, buttercream, whipped cream - it's all personal choice.

Our icing sheets have a recommended shelf life of 6m from the date of purchase. The are easy to store, simply leave them in the envelope provided and kept sealed in the clear cello bag.This keeps them air tight and away from direct sunlight which over time will reduce the colours.

Decor Paper PLUS can be used on any kind of cake topping including marzipan, fondant, chocolate, whipped cream, buttercream and even frozen cake surfaces. It has a neutral taste so can be used on any kind of cake without detracting from the flavour.

ICING INGREDIENTS: Starch, Maltodextrin, Glycerol, Sugar, Stabilizers E460i/E414, Dextrose, Emulsifiers E435/E491/E471, Food Color E171,  Flavours, Preservative E202, Sucralose, Citric Acid 

Decor Paper PLUS is Kosher and suitable for Vegetarians


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